Former Antique Center, approx. 4,500 sq.ft. Stream flows under building, operating waterwheel. Suggested use: restaurant, retail store.

Restored 1889 Sawmill

Buildings Available for Rent/Sale at Vintage Village

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Former Exhibit Center/Shops

Modern multi-use building contains 9,000 sq.ft. on 2 floors, has 3 loading docks. Possible use: apartments.
IN ADDITION TO THE USES THAT ARE PRESENTLY ALLOWED ON THIS PROPERTY, THESE BUILDINGS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR "ADAPTIVE REUSE." Permitted uses in an adaptive reuse building include retail and service businesses, and apartments.

Former Warehouse & Retail Store

Contains 10,000 sq.ft. on a concrete slab. All free-span (no columns to support roof). High enough to accommodate a second floor. Possible use: apartments.
NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Scooter and Bicycle Rentals coming soon!

Former Freight House & Retail Store

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